Cryotherapy in NJ Just Got Real at Revive Body Mind Cresskill

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Oy! This whole getting old thing is no joke. And even though we’re all working out to try and stay as young feeling and young looking as possible, let’s just say that things get a little more achy (and stay that way a little longer) than they used to.

Which is why we’re so glad Revive Body*Mind Cresskill has opened for business. As the hub for Cryotherapy in Bergen County NJ and a huge array of services from Cryotherapy to Infrared Saunas to Compression Sleeve Therapy to an oxygen bar, Revive will, like the Garfield and Montclair locations before it, become the go-to place for reversing the cumulative effects of stress, injuries and pain while providing an amazing haven for overall health and wellness.

We know it’s summer and your kiddos are around, and by around we mean around your ankles, around your neck, and around your waist, like ALL THE TIME, but see if you can carve out some time for yourself and treat yourself to one or more of these services. 


Feeling adventurous (and maybe want a way to cool down on a hot summer day)? Try the Cryotherapy treatment. You’ll submerge your body in a chamber of extremely cold, dry air (think dry ice!) for three minutes. Fitness editor, Helaine Kay, admits that though her time in the chamber was COLD, it wasn’t unbearable and she felt the positive effects almost immediately. After this therapy, you can expect a decrease in muscle soreness and pain, an acceleration of metabolism, a reduction in swelling and inflammation and an improvement in skin tone. As for Helaine, she notes that her shoulder pain was “definitely markedly better”. After one session!  Hear more and see Helaine getting a "Cryo-High" in the video below.

For athletes, weekend warriors, or moms who prioritize fitness but maybe spend a little too much time hunched over a spin bike or stretched out in barre class, Compression Sleeve Therapy uses special air pressure technology to maximize blood circulation, aid in sore muscle relief, and squeeze lactic build up from muscles in order to release fluid and ease inflammation. Far from being uncomfortable, this therapy is sort of like a massage sans the massage therapist and feels amazing – like an all over body blood pressure machine.


Revive also offers localized cryotherapy for those who opt for less than full submersion, halotherapy or salt therapy, Cryoskin cellulite reduction, infrared sauna treatments for those who can’t tolerate the high heat of a steam room and traditional therapeutic massage. They also offer Membership, packages and specials. 


Sound good but please, it’s summer? The first day of school is fast approaching – make an appointment now and count down the days until you can congratulate yourself on surviving! 


Revive Body*Mind
39 Broadway, Cresskill
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