Corefire Ridgewood is Officially Your January Workout (dedicated)

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We swear we had zero plans of piling on with the whole new year, new you thing and encouraging you to get your exercise plan back on track this month ... but then we saw the deal Corefire is offering and, well, we’re not going to be able to help ourselves.

If you’re not familiar with Corefire in Ridgewood, it’s home to a zero-impact, total-body strength-training workout. The program was created by two Jersey natives who discovered the MegaformerTM — a patented machine built with a moving carriage connected to resistance springs and pulleys that each individual controls throughout the workout — while living in San Diego and brought the concept back home in 2014. Since then, their Ridgewood studio has garnered “Best Health Club of 2017” (best of Bergen) and generated plenty of buzz since it effectively strengthens your body and brain not just in every session, but in every single move. Plus, it’s extremely ​safe as it’s form focused and low-impact.

OK, here’s the part where you can’t say no. Corefire is offering new members three sessions for just $30 (in other words less than it costs to get your nails done), so it’s the perfect excuse to try a killer new workout ASAP. And if you’re looking to get a 2018 wellness plan going, Corefire is also offering a 21-day January jumpstart package which includes a nutritional food plan and in-home workouts spearheaded by nutrition and fitness coach Liz Barnet, a Bergen County native, along with 21 days of unlimited Corefire workouts for just $199. See? Resolutions have never been so tempting ...

195 South Maple Avenue, Ridgewood
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