Cool Hot Yoga’s Doggie Yoga Classes

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It’s scientifically proven that owning a dog can do wonders for ones mental health, but have you ever stopped to think about how your crazy life is affecting your four-legged friend? Chances are, it’s no walk in the dog park!

With that in mind, coolhotyoga—Creskill’s premier fitness studio for us two-legged souls looking to tone, stretch, and get our aggressions out—came up with a brilliant idea that will have you permanently rethinking your idea of downward dog: DOGA. Yup, yoga with dogs.

Under the guidance of certified instructor Bianca Mazzola, participants and their pooches take part in a lively and fun full-body workout, executing various yoga poses, including Tree, Child’s, Warrior, and more. So you’ll still stretch, breath and build with your furry friend in tow. All breeds are welcome (so long as they’re socialized), next class is Friday, September 18th but space is limited, so make sure you sign up early and let the fur fly!

Cool Hot Yoga Cresskill
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32 Piermont Rd, Cresskill

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