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Yeah, yeah. We’ve heard your excuses: You’re too busy. The gym is too far away. You’re too tired to work out. Well guess what? The jig is up – and so are your flabby arms.

Enter BusyBeeFIT, a health and fitness program that is Personalized (yes, with a capital P) to your individual needs and busy lifestyle. Owner and fitness and nutrition guru Jamie Goldman customizes quick and simple programs for her clients, ranging from workouts to meal planning to home parties where you and your friends can do a little cooking, a little exercising, and top it all off with some relaxing meditation. Hate the gym? Goldman will give you workouts to do at home. Too busy to cook healthy meals? Goldman can lead you towards fat-burning foods that are a snap to prepare – and get this – she’ll also include core-strengthening exercises you can do standing by the stove as part of the list of ingredients. Part personal trainer, part lifestyle coach, part nutritionist and part overall fairy godmother, Goldman’s plans range from one-, three-, and six-month programs designed to get you on track and keep you on track.

To jump start your training, try one of Busy Bee’s exclusive, small group outdoor “Summer Beach Body Training Sessions” focused on getting you toned, fit and ready in time for bikini season. 

BERGEN MAMA SPECIAL OFFER:  Mention this post by emailing or calling Busy Bee for a free consultation and a chance to win a spot in one of Busy Bee’s Summer Beach Body Training Sessions. Dates and times are determined based on your availability.

See? We know you’re buzzing already.

Jamie Goldman

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