Bozza Yoga Littles Opening in Allendale, NJ

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The benefits of yoga are numerous: improving strength, flexibility and balance, relaxing the mind and body, stress relief and increased energy, and much more. But these physical and emotional benefits are just as important for kids -- if not more -- than they are for adults. Which is exactly why Denise Bozza envisioned the idea behind Bozza Yoga Littles in Allendale, opening September 7. "It has never been a more prevalent time to tap into our children's mental health," says Bozza. "We want to create an outlet for the digitally distracted child to reconnect with their inner workings, equipping them with the ability to self-regulate, gaining valuable emotional intelligence. Yoga has the power to do just that." 


The philosophy behind Bozza Yoga Littles is based on four components: breath, work movement, mindfulness and meditation. Each class, taught by a certified instructor, is separated by age group, from 3 to 18, and interest. The littlest ones, ages 3 to 5, can enjoy the Mommy and Me Pre-Yogi class in which yoga is incorporated into games, stories and age-appropriate play. Flex Yoga for ages 6 and up is for the yogi with some experience in sports or exercise, who wants to enhance the set of skills they already have. The Sports Yoga class is for athletes who are looking to build endurance, strength and stability. The Play Yoga class is flow-based, focusing on movement and breath.


In addition to the weekly classes, Bozza Yoga Littles will soon offer yoga-themed birthday parties, classes for Girl Scout troops, teen nights and Tik Tok Yoga. Plus, adult Yogis can try their hand at teaching with the children's yoga teacher training and mindfulness training for parents interested in the practice. The new, modern space also offers a large space including a homework station and kiddie corner for families.


"What I hope our classes will ultimately provide is a bunch of coping skills kids can use to navigate their way through life successfully," says Bozza. "We are in the business of getting the physical body into a healthy state as well as the mind. Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy child!" 


Registration for classes is open now for classes starting September 7th. 


Bozza Yoga Littles
1 Myrtle Ave., Allendale


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