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Whether you’re stuck on Spin, batty over Barre or passionate about Pilates, mixing up your workout routine is never a bad thing. Our advice? Add boxing to your exercise agenda ... especially this time of year. The increasingly trendy workout is the perfect way to burn some extra calories in the face of all that holiday indulging while relieving stress at the same time. (And, hey, if you envision some super annoying relative’s face on that heavy bag, we're not going to judge.)  We checked out a bunch of boxing gyms around Bergen County and have decided these are the three to try ASAP.


CardioBoxing at Body Burn Barre, Tenafly

You’ll get to combine a high-energy cardio class with boxing moves on the Aqua punching bags inside this newly designed boxing theatre. When you’re not throwing hooks and jabs, you’ll be down on the mat doing planks, pushups, and mountain climbers. Cardio + core = killer workout.

Body Burn Barre, 103 N. Summit St. Tenafly


Boxing Kickboxing at Venom Fitness, Wyckoff

Thanks to 60 straight minutes of moving and jabbing, you’ll most likely burn between 800 to 1,000 calories (!) during this class. And while the workout is intense for sure – because sadly, you don’t get to burn 1,000 calories in an hour by doing some light leg lifts – Venom instructors, who happen to be real-life boxers, are happy to work with newbies. In fact, 90 perfect of the gym’s members have never boxed before, so beginners (that means you) are welcome for sure.

Venom Fitness, 681 Lawlins Road, Unit 210, Wyckoff


Strike Zone at Impact Zone, Norwood

You’ll feel like Rocky during that iconic training montage if you take this 55-minute killer class and that’s a good thing. The expert instructors mix martial arts with strength and conditioning training and will have you doing rapid punches, jabs, and undercuts on a full-size boxing bag and incorporating battle ropes to make sure you hit every muscle group while working out in this sprawling boxing studio. 

Impact Zone, 335 Chestnut St. Norwood


Just don’t blow all this hard work on one holiday cocktail. 

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