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When fitness guru Aaron Seaton started training out of his home several years back, he quickly realized he needed more room to provide clients with the unique boot camp-style workout he specialized in. So, he moved his practice to a studio in Cliffside Park, where he found such success with a growing client base that he’s expanded yet again. This time to an amazing new space in Englewood where he’s opened TailorMade Total Bodiez

The idea is a modern, clean, and cutting-edge facility with top-of-the-line equipment curated from around the world that still feels approachable and boutique-like. Thanks to the attention he’s given to each piece of equipment, it’s easy for Seaton and crew to adjust and optimize workouts to fit each student’s needs. The result is a 45-minute high-intensity circuit training session led by motivating instructors focused on engaging every person who walks through the door. And if you have a habit of becoming bored with your workout quickly (hey, we get it), TailorMade Total Bodiez has you covered there, too since no two classes are ever the same.  


Each session starts with a five-minute warm-up that you choose – whether it’s jumping rope, or running in place – followed by a music-blasting, heart-pumping workout led by an experienced trainer who moves around the studio the entire time, ready to help answer questions, improve form, and offer support. Depending on the day, you might use equalizer bars, TRX, free weights, battle ropes, and, of course, do plenty of exercises that require nothing more than your own strength. 

When the 45-minute circuit’s over, it’s time for a group cool-down session where members are encouraged not just to chat with each other but snap selfies in front of the studio’s social media wall emblazoned with inspiring phrases. Fun, right? 

TailorMade Total Bodiez wants to give clients a killer workout to get you into the best shape of yourself but also make sure each member become part of their community – all working to motivate and elevate one another.

In case you need a little motivation of your own to get started, through December 31st TailorMade Total Bodiez is hooking up Bergen Mama readers with 10 percent off packages, a free class, a TailorMade Total Bodiez shaker bottle, plus a 75-page e-book full of streamlined nutrition and guidelines.

Ready to go? We thought so.


TailorMade Total Bodiez, 11 Grand Avenue, Englewood, 201.568.8700, And check them out on Instagram @tailormadetotalbodiez 

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