Best Walks in Bergen County NJ (with step counts!)

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Thanks to the now ubiquitous FitBits, Apple Watches we wear, or the apps like Health that we keep on our phones, more of us than ever are tracking our daily steps. We know that our goal should be 10,000 steps per day and doesn’t it seem like your never-ending trips up and down the stairs, schlepping stuff for your kids, should be enough? Alas, often it is not. So how does one make up the difference? Well, with these suggested walks in Bergen County. The weather is fine and the views are stunning so strap on those sneakers and get yourself outside!

A note: Though we all have a different stride and pace, a rule of thumb is that one mile equals approximately 2,000 steps. So, to get your 10,000 steps (assuming no other walking in a day – HA!) you’ll need to walk about five miles a day to get to your steps goal.

Alright, let’s get walking!


Van Saun County Park

Of course you know this place! It’s your go-to for family outings at the zoo and on the tennis courts, softball fields, playground, pony rides, carousel and train. But did you also know that there’s a 1.5 mile walking paththat runs the perimeter of this amazing Bergen County treasure? Grab some friends, throw the kids in the joggers and get walking! There’s so much to appreciate around you that each loop will bring something new to see and notice! Then, after you’ve gotten your workout, reward yourself and your kiddos with some of the fun activities Van Saun has to offer. There’s no way you won’t stay all day! 216 Forest Avenue, Paramus & Continental Avenue, River Edge. 


Hudson River Waterfront Walkway

You could brave the crowds and walk along the New York City side of the path along the Hudson. Or you could grab a girlfriend (or two) and enjoy a beautiful stroll, complete with city skyline views, along the shore on the Bergen County side of the Hudson. The path runs for 18.5 miles but map your course for the sweet spot between the time you have and the workout you need to accomplish. Park near Whole Foods in Edgewater, then enjoy the same five mile walk we did in the direction of Hudson County. Energy flagging as you make your way back? Motivate yourself with the Whole Foods fresh fruit smoothie you’re going to order once you’re done. 905 River Road, Edgewater.


Saddle River County Park

This large, family oriented park with a 6-mile walkway is designed for walking, running, biking or even roller skating/blading. You’ll pass a scenic pond, a playground and baseball fields. Need a rest? This park has plenty of benches and lots of nature views, perfect for taking this walk at your own pace. Grab your dog and maybe your parents and enjoy this Bergen County oasis.760 Saddle River Road, Saddle Brook. 


Ridgewood Duck Pond

Looking for a longer distance walk smack in the middle of the county? This path runs for 16 milesfrom the Ridgewood duck pond through Glen Rock, Fair Lawn, Paramus, Saddle Brook and Rochelle Park along the Saddle River and the Ho-Ho-Kus Brook. This path is popular with walkers, runners, dog walkers and bikers so you’ll have to pay attention to those cries of, “Passing on your left!” as you share the path. 113 E. Ridgewood Ave, Ridgewood


Ruckman Park

It’s been a day of running around so you just need a short walk to hit your goal? Head to Ruckman park for their .4 mile circular path. You get to check something off your to-do list, walking this manageable, predictable track instead of a road and your kids get to play tennis or run around the playground all while staying where you can see them. 185 Ruckman Road, Closter

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