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If you haven’t tried a barre class by now, you’ve surely heard plenty about them from countless fitness fans who swear by the workout, which has its roots in ballet and has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. But just in case: Barre classes are typically full-body workouts focused on quick movements with some sequences incorporating the barre (which is, well, a bar), others taking place on the floor, and some upper body exercises requiring light weights. Whether the class focuses more on certain body parts and how intense the cardio component is (if there’s one at all) often depends on the studio and instructor, but, either way, the result is supposed to be a lean, strong, sculpted body. And who doesn’t want that? In case you’re still on fence about whether or not to get on the barre bandwagon and where to take the plunge, our fitness editor Helaine Kay tucked, lunged, and lifted at five studios around Bergen County. Read on to choose which is right for you … because just like the butts we’re trying to tone, no two are alike.

Fitness Barre, Waldwick
The Facility: Located in the state-of-the-art Superdome Sports Complex, the studio is super clean and comfortable and has a stellar selection of activewear for sale.
Main Focus of the Class: Core, Strength and Flexibility. Robin, my instructor and the owner of the studio, worked the upper, lower, and sides of my abs until I couldn’t move! The pace kept me moving throughout and I’ve never sweat so much during a barre class before.
Music: Peppy and High-Energy
What Else You Need to Know: Robin was one of the first to open a barre studio in Bergen County a decade ago and her experience shows. Thanks to her energy and passion she’s a walking advertisement for her studio.  Her class was off-the-charts amazing and definitely my favorite. Despite the large class, Robin managed to give personalized attention and instruction to every student. And, unlike most barre classes, Fitness Barre is an individually owned studio so classes are not scripted. That unique choreography allows instructors to change up the routine each time so students don’t get bored of the same workout every day.
Fitness Barre
Official Website
136 Hopper Avenue, Waldwick
Single Class: $25; 10-Class Package: $225

The Bar Method, Ridgewood
The Facility: A beautiful space with two studios and a full locker room with showers and multiple bathrooms. There is also childcare onsite (a huge plus!) and a shop with a great selection of workout clothes.
Main Focus of the Class: Legs and Glutes. By the end of class, every muscle in my body was cooked, particularly my legs. For the next two days, those sore muscles served as a reminder of the great workout I had.
Music: Dance Party
What Else You Need to Know: The classes are more or less scripted out ahead of time since The Bar Method is part of a large franchise, so the majority of the students knew what was coming next before the instructor even spoke. We fluidly moved from one exercise to the next, so just when I felt like I couldn’t take one more second of a certain exercise, we moved on. 
The Bar Method
Official Website
580 N. Maple Avenue, Ridgewood (there is also an Englewood location although they are separately owned and operated)
Single Class: $26; 10-Class Package: $225

Pure Barre, Wyckoff
The Facility: One of a few hundred Pure Barre franchise studios around the country, this one is nice with welcoming staff members who are very knowledgeable and encouraging.
Main Focus of the Class: Full-body workout targeting Arms, Legs, Abs, and Butt.
Music: Fun remixes of oldies and new
What Else You Need to Know: The instructor, Deirdre, was an amazing, high-energy teacher who kept us all laughing even as our muscles were burning up. Her class moved at a quick pace from one movement to the next and the following morning I felt the full effect of her class as I walked down the stairs. Ouch!
Pure Barre
Official Website
319 Franklin Avenue, Wyckoff
Single Class: $24; 10-Class Package: $210

Cool Barre, Cresskill
Facility: The petite studio allows for more of a small group feel, which enables teachers to give students some excellent individualized attention. 
Main Focus of the Class: It managed to target every body part and the class moved at such a quick pace that my heart rate soared and it became a cardio workout.
Music: Great Top 40 remixes, and you bet I sang along!
What Else You Need to Know: Instructor Hillary did not disappoint and her energy is infectious. We used an assortment of equipment from balls to weights to bands to tone and strengthen every muscle … even those I didn’t know I had!
Cool Barre at Cool Hot Yoga
Official Website
32 Piermont Road #3, Cresskill
Single class $25; Package of 10 Classes: $200

Barre Burn Fit, Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
Facility: The class is actually in a fitness studio at the JCC where several other classes take place – and, yes, it’s got a barre!
Main Focus of the Class: Though Elissa the instructor targeted all of our key body parts, she focused a lot of her attention on the glutes and legs, so by the end of class my legs were shaking (again).
Music: Mellow along with some high energy tunes
What Else You Need to Know: In addition to weights, we used a fitness ball as well as straps sometimes used in Pilates and yoga. Elissa had a quiet, calming energy and took a very different approach than the other barre instructors. It’s the perfect class for beginners as people with varying degrees of experience can do most of her exercises.  Fellow class members ranged from their 20s to 70s.
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
Official Website
Taub Campus, 411 East Clinton Avenue, Tenafly
Classes open to members only. Membership fees vary.

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