bergenPAC’s Show Choir Hits a High Note (dedicated)

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If you’ve got a kid who is much more likely to be able to sing the score of Hamilton or Dear Evan Hansen than the latest hit by Taylor Swift or Drake, one who is much more interested in seeing a Broadway show than a high-profile concert, then it sounds like you’ve got a kid who would enjoy joining a show choir. And there’s no better show choir in Bergen County than the bergenPAC Performing Arts School Show Choir.

The youngest future Broadway stars start their career at bergenPAC in the Young Voices program. This is the first opportunity that most kids, ages 8-12, will have to sing with a group of like-minded peers. Young Voices emphasizes the development of confidence and poise through the experience of performing in an ensemble. Singers learn the basics of proper posture, breathing and vocal techniques. Singers will use the techniques of vocal imitation and basic musicianship as they build their repertoire of songs sung both in unison and in 2-part harmony.


The Show Choir at bergenPAC offers kids ages 13-18 the opportunity to continue the good habits begun in Young Voices. This audition-only program promotes proper posture, breathing and proper diction as students work to perfect their rhythm, sight-singing and ear training skills.


Students in the Show Choir will learn a large repertoire of songs enabling them to prepare for major performance opportunities on the bergenPAC mainstage. Students in last year’s Show Choir had the chance to perform with the amazing Kristin Chenoweth and the legendary Patti Lupone. This year, the Show Choir will perform with The Midtown Men in January, with additional performances to be added throughout the year.


The music faculty at bergenPAC includes singers, songwriters and conductors with impressive resumes and professional credits. This staff of teaching artists and instructors is able to provide Performing Arts School students with high quality instruction and a nurturing environment that encourages creativity and growth. For more information or to register your child for one of bergenPAC’s vocal programs, visit the website.


Classes for Young Voices students are Saturdays from 11:00 am – 11:45 am and 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm for Show Choir members.


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