Bergen County’s Insider Trick to Staying Healthy All Fall and Winter

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There are so many things to love about fall: cozy sweaters, football, pumpkin picking festivals — the list goes on for days. But one thing we can all agree on dislike during autumn is the quick deterioration of our health (read: kids' germs. Enough said). Runny noses, coughs, and overall ick abound, so getting ahead of your family's health, and just as important — your own, is the key to making it through the upcoming chilly season.


While we all know the simple steps to take to keep germs at bay like frequent hand washing, eating a vitamin-rich diet, getting enough quality sleep and rest, and hedging our health with stress-reducing wellness tactics, there are also wellness centers in Bergen County who are prepared to kick up your care up a notch. From in-home health services to IV drips with immunity-boosting benefits, we're looking at these full service spots to help us get through the dreary (and contagious) days ahead.


SwiftHealth At Swift, you can customize your care through preventative services and immediate appointments — all done quickly and comfortably. Its concierge urgent care provides same-day, in-house offerings so your family members can stay cozy at home while being treated. Telehealth visits are also available with little to no wait, because they know your time is vaulable. If you're feeling healthy but sense that you could use a little refresh or wellness pick-me-up, try out one of Swift Health's IV Hydration and Vitamin Therapies. Energy Boost, Immunity, Rehydrating, Vitality, B-12, and more options are available are available to jump start your body and give it the nutrients it's craving. 


Wellnecessity Moms spend so much of their lives ensuring the health and happiness of others, it's time to give yourself that attention, too — and Wellnecessity is ready to help. It's wellness and medical services include Cryotherapy, IV Therapy, Peptide Therapy, Emsculpt, along with other health and cosmetic options to feel and look good. IV Vitamin Therapies include options to give your immune system a strong boost in preparation for the season, plus infusions for filling in the gaps of your diet and increasing energy. With its two locations in Closter and Wyckoff, it's easy to find a center close to you, so you can get personalized therapies at your convenience. 


Aquavivia Infusion and Wellness Lounge This Mahwah wellness spot is serving up the right kind of cocktails to kickstart your day. Choose from fluids that treat dehydration, add vitamin B for brain health and energy, saline and vitamin C for immune support, and more combinations to give you the wellness boost you need in advance of the cold season. We'd be remiss not to mention there's even a Hangover Bar to help you restore hydration and lost electrolytes if you're experiencing that kind of morning, so you can go about the rest of your day feeling rejuvenated.


Liquivida Wellness Center This Ridgewood shop has it all: health assessments, IV Nutrient Therapies, Peptide Therapy, and more. Most seasonally appropriate amont their IV drip options is the Natural Defense drip to help you combat cold and flu season, plus any other unwanted ailments your kids bring home from school and daycare. It includes a high dose of vitamin C, along with other nutrients to keep you energized and powered up to fight airborn illness.


Mindful Waters in Northvale brings the phrase 'silence is golden' to life with their private float therapy tanks, where there are no forces of gravity, light, sound, or tactile sensations.  Yes please!! Once your nervous system has reset, check out their other services from infrared saunas, water bar, massage, cold therapy and a class at their yoga studio next door.

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