Bergen County Mama Darlene Bellarmino Takes Her Passion for Fitness Digital with Girl UP [dedicated]

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The weather is turning and yes, working out at a gym with a mask on is not for everyone. That is why when we heard about GIRL UP, a new fitness app designed for women by a kick-butt Bergen Mama, we knew you needed the 411!


The Girl Up app, available for download on all IOS devices (, was created by Ridgewood Mom and certified personal trainer, Darlene Ballarmino, with the goal of making fitness attainable, affordable and approachable for all women. In her words “Girl Up aims to help women gain confidence and strength both emotionally and physically.”


Girl UP is available for $7.99 a month with a 14-day free trial, and is customizable to what areas you want to workout. Its super simple to navigate! There are so many different exercises that are easy to understand, to put together a workout that works for YOU!


If you are interested in meeting the muscle behind the app and you live in the Bergen County area, Darlene teaches a wide variety of classes outside her home on a daily basis, from HIIT and pilates fusion to an evening Sweat & Sip Bootcamp and is available for personal training which you can learn more about on her RISE Training website We just love what RISE stands for – Resilient, Inspired, Strong and Empowered…just like Darlene.


We love her instagram where she shares healthy recipes, exercise tips, and even a little inspiration. If you’d like to learn more about Darlene, her personal training and her outdoor classes you can follow her on Instagram at or visit her website at

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