Benzel Busch: Meet the Mercedes GL550 (Dedicated)

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Remember the road trips of your childhood? You and your squirming sibs, packed like a slimy pack of sardines seatbeltless on vinyl seats. Are we there yet? Arewethereyetarewethereyetarewethereyet?

Flash-forward to the bestselling three-row luxury SUV in the U.S. That’s right, the one named Motor Trend SUV of the Year in 2013. You have arrived: time to take the wheel of your new Mercedes GL550 Class at Benzel-Busch in Englewood.

Best in class safety features such as blind spot assist, attention assist and lane assist – including a sensor for trunk closing which upon gently touching someone or something in its path will stop and go revert back up,  ensuring no one like a child underneath it would get ht and hurt by it (phew!) are just the beginnings of your love affair with this luxury SUV. With easy-to-operate seats (look, Mom, just one button!), state-of-the-art media (two kids can watch different movies – our 7 year-old set it up no prob), a really legit third row and tons of trunk and extra cargo space, this is the vehicle you want from the word go.

See for yourself as we pack up the new GL550 for a family road trip. Just click on the video below.

(Benzel Busch Motor Car Corp, Premier dealer of Mercedes-Benz NJ, Audi, and smart car in NJ, 28 Grand Avenue, Englewood and Audi Meadowlands, 888-819-6024)

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