Banish Those Empty Shelves



You moved into your house years ago and gushed about how much you LOVED all the fabulous built-ins….I mean, who doesn’t love all that storage space?  But now, its 5 years later and you’re sort of embarrassed to admit that the shelves you fell in love with are still completely bare.  The “modern minimalist” style you pulled off your first few years in Bergen is starting to wear off and right now you wish you could warm up those empty spaces.  But with what?

Well, books silly.

And you are in luck!  We are now in peak library book sale season here in Bergen and you can fill those shelves on the cheap.  Imagine your bookcases actually filled with rows and rows of books…sorted by size or color, or even beautifully bound leather sets.  Really, anything would be an improvement.  Hit these local library sales for gently used books by the dozen at bargain (and some practically free) prices….

Englewood Public Library
Saturday and Sunday April 24th-25th

Norwood Public Library
Saturday and Sunday April 24th-25th

Upper Saddle River Public Library
May 8th: 10am- 1pm

Not into the DIY thing?  Don’t mind spending some dough to fill up that library?  Try “Books By The Foot” at the famous Strand Bookstore in Manhattan.  You don’t even have to go.  Visit their website and choose from one of the many options.  They have everything from beautiful antique leather books to uniform sets of books on a variety of subjects.  Work with in-house consultant Jenny McKibben to find the perfect arrangement for your space.  Place your order, and your books will come delivered to your doorstep within the week.

The Strand Bookstore NYC
Sets from $35 per foot to $400 per foot

Flash forward to your Memorial Day Weekend barbeque, your shelves are no longer bare and you’ve really warmed your place up, all without one “strand” of stress.

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