A Future Visit to Bluebird Farm Alpacas Is Just What We’re Going to Need

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If you and your family are already going stir crazy (and it would be just crazy without the stir part if you weren’t), do what we’re doing: Looking for that light at the end of the homebound tunnel and planning all the fun stuff we’re going to do when we’re out and about again.

At the top of our list is a visit to Bluebird Farm Alpacas for a dose of adorableness. The 11-acre farm in Peapack is full of lots of the soft and fuzzy llama-like animals, known for both their smooth fur that gets safely sheared once a year and knit into garments, and their friendly dispositions towards visiting humans.



Speaking of visiting, on weekends Bluebird offers super-fun Farm Tours ($5 for kids, $10 for adults) during which a staff member guides you through the Alpaca pens and fields and gives your group a chance to feed, pet, and snap pics of the four-legged residents. Or you can opt for Halter Training ($10 for kids, $20 for adults), which includes all of the above plus a walk with one of the alpacas using a halter and lead line.


Right now, the farm is slated to open on March 28th for the season. And by then we know we’ll want to alpaca in as many activities as possible. Sorry, couldn’t resist ...


Bluebird Farm Alpacas 
44 Willow Avenue
Peapack. 908.625.4110
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