7 Reasons You’ve Got To Go To Hudson Yards in NYC

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Not gonna lie. We sort of forgot to be excited about the opening of Hudson Yards this weekend. 

We’ve been so busy watching the progress on the American Dream Mall and it sort of slipped our minds that another amazing mixed-use development was being built right under our noses. But Hudson Yards is done (or at least done-ish) and it’s opening this Friday, March 15th. Why should you care? Here are 7 Reasons You Should Plan a Trip to Hudson Yards. Like now.

The Vessel. Apparently The Vessel is only its working name. But after being called that for so long, we’re not sure any other new name is going to stick. What is it? It’s the “public landmark” that sits in the center of the five-acre public park at the heart of the development. This giant sculpture (which looks like a beehive or, and we love this one, a doner kebab) is made up of 154 interconnected staircases. Walk all 2,500 steps and you’ll have covered a mile. Walk them 4 times and you’ll have your steps quota for the day. Take that FitBit! PS - Tickets for timed entry are available now!


The 2nd Floor. Also know as The Floor of Discovery, this level of the Shops & Restaurants will “house a unique collection of first locations from digitally native brands and experiential shopping offerings from modern brands.” There are too many for us to list, but a few that we are most excited about are: Frankie CoLAB, Stance, Heidi Klein and Milk & Honey Babies. We’re also super intrigued by The Drug Store by Dirty Lemon where customers can enjoy handcrafted versions of new elixirs and have a hand in determining what gets rolled out nationally. 

The Snark Park. Also on the 2nd floor, SnarkPark is an “exhibition space housing a series of immersive art installations, all created by design studio Snarkitecture.” First up is Lost and Found, an array of massive, inhabitable cylinders positioned as a labyrinth. At Snark Park you are asked to please touch the art. 


The Observation Deck. We’re talking a big game about doing this one, but when it comes to actually pulling a Ferris Bueller and leaning into glass that’s suspended 1,100 feet above the street on the highest outdoor deck in the Western Hemisphere, we might lose our swagger. Luckily, the observation deck isn’t open yet so we have some time to get brave. 


The Anchor. Neiman Marcus, our happy place, has arrived. There is fashion, sure but there is so much more. Like the store's newest concept BLVD which is a mecca of all things beauty (think facials, manis, blowouts, wax and lashes ALL UNDER ONE ROOF. Bring the kids and let them have fun with the video games, a basketball court and more at Neiman Marcus Live, world class art and top notch service are all housed on 3 floors of this much anticipated flagship. 


The Shed. Part event space, part exhibition space, The size of The Shed can expand and contract with the addition of a “sleeve” that rolls out for an adaptable, expandable cultural venue. It is super cool and you should really watch the video and see why.

The Food. So first we just need to say that, Kith Treats will be at Snark Park. But aside from that, here are the food stars who will have outposts in and around Hudson Yards: Jose Andres, Thomas Keller, Danny Meyer, David Chang, Michael Lomanaco, Rhubarb and Stephen Starr. You’ll want to read all about it and then probably put on your stretchy pants before you go. https://ny.eater.com/2018/3/12/17097606/hudson-yards-restaurants-nyc-guide

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