Your Fairy Gardenmother Calling


In first grade your seedlings failed to germinate. In high school, your hyacinth hardly bloomed.  And in college your cactus kicked the bucket after only one week on your dorm room windowsill. 

Has your lacking of a green thumb got you all thumbs?

Check out our Bergen gardening how-to guide (for all levels of commitment):

Only dating
If you want to get the kids involved but don’t have time to break out the hose, check out Toysmith’s Paint a Pot Garden Kit ($12.99 at Willow Run, Tenafly).  First your tot can paint the pot, then plant and watch as marigolds bloom. 

Or pick up an Indoor Gardening Kit which includes trowels, planting pots, soil, and 3 packs of organic seeds.  ($19.99 at Whole Foods Market, Paramus)

Put a ring on it
Want a veggie garden but not keen on getting your fingernails dirty?  Try Ambers Garden’s Pre-seeded Garden Salad Mat (starting at $9.99 at Metropolitan Plant Exchange, Fort Lee).  Just lay the mat down in a sunny area of your yard, water and voila! 

Holy Matrimony There’s nothing like planting your own organic vegetable garden.  Find a sunny spot (section it off with railroad ties if you want to be really official), fill the area with organic topsoil and then go shopping.  Buy eggplant seedlings, peppers, herbs, tomatoes and even strawberries.  Plant the seedlings two feet apart and water once or twice a week. By August (June for the berries) you’ll be reaping your bounty. 

Worried you will be away for part of the summer? No matter.  Let the Garden Nannies visit.  These highly trained plant care specialists from Goffle Brook Farms will help water and maintain your garden when you are away, busy or just need a little help (Garden Nannies 201-652-7540).

Now Mary, how does your garden grow?

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