Your Summer Reading List: Editors’ Picks

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There are plenty of guilty pleasures we love during the summer – sipping rosé at sundown, taking a hiatus from cooking (hey, it saves on energy bills!), and maybe even finally getting in that girls' weekend, but there's one summer indulgence that doesn't make us feel guilty at all: digging into a good book. If you want to get reading without the research, here are our editors' picks for summer. Some we've read, others we want to, but all are sure to keep you glued to your lounge chair until the last page has been turned.

Editor Jennifer Law: I am in the middle of reading Stacey Griffith's Two Turns from Zero, I was always inspired by her as one of the first Soul Cycle teachers (I've sweated to her uplifting mantras and funny anecdotes often) so I was excited to get to know her more and get inspired personally from her first book. So far I'm enjoying it! 






Fashion Editor Melissa Garcia: For all you "The Notebook" lovers out there The Letter, by Kathryn Hughes, (an Amazon best seller) is for you. I can't wait to get lost in a love story this summer!







Brand Partnership Director Jennifer Jones: I'm reading "The Universe Has Your Back" by Gabrielle Bernstein , a New York Times Bestseller by one of my favorite female writers who explores issues about faith, spirituality and joy- it's a self help book with a dose of spirituality for the modern day woman.






Dining Editor Carla Sullivan: I am in a mother son book club and our summer reading book is The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd. We just bought it on amazon and my son read it in one day! He loved it! I can't wait to share in his experience of the book!

Head of Marketing Sara Deutsch: The book I really want to read this Summer actually came out in 2016 but I never had the chance to read is Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World by Adam Grant. I loved his previous book Give and Take and in his most recent book I'm interested to read how different innovators became successful by challenging the status quo to make the world a better place and to get insight into how everyday people successfully turn an idea into reality.



                    Activities Editor Melanie Amber Ruane: This summer I'll be having my third (and last!) baby.  Being pregnant with a 1 year old and 4 year old hasn't been easy, so I'm looking forward to that time during the "fourth tri-mester" when I have to slow down.  The First Forty Days by Heng Ou is a cookbook but it is so much more.  It is full of nourishing recipes you or your loved ones can cook for you (Gerard, are you reading?), and also an important reminder to all Moms to not let the pressure to "bounce back" rob you of this precious and delicate time.  


 Fitness Editor Helaine Kay: Just started reading Henna House by Nomi Eve.  It is set in Yemen in the 1920’s and tells the story of a young Jewish, Yemenite girl and her family living in their Muslim controlled country.  It’s fascinating to learn of this group of Jewish people that follow the traditions of their region yet also exposes the discrimination that they face and how that impacts all aspects of their life.  I started the book on Friday and can’t put it down.  Reminiscent of Anita Diamant’s Red Tent.


Editor Marisa Sandora: I’m about to leave for a vacation on Cape Cod and plan to read To the New Owners: A Martha’s Vineyard Memoir while there. The book sheds light on the history of the island and how much it has changed since the author’s family purchased a vacation house there in the 1970s. It promises to be a touching read about making memories with family to last a lifetime.




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