Your Kid Is One-Of-A-Kind? KidzToPros Has A Summer Camp For That! [dedicated]

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Wait, is it April already? How did that happen? It’s just a few months until school gets out and now you have to figure out what in the world you’re going to do with your kids this summer. You want them to have fun, sure, but you’d also like them to maybe learn something new or try something they don’t have the time or the brain power for during the school year. KidzToPros Summer Camps, held in Bergen County in both Tenafly and Waldwick, can help you fill their summer with exactly the fun, enriching activities you’re hoping for.


KidzToPros knows that today’s kids are innovators. The KidzToPros programs and summer camps support your child’s growth by helping them develop critical skills like creativity, problem-solving, integrative thinking and teamwork. Summer programs in the areas of STEM and the Arts are project-based and hands on, giving kids a chance to dig in and either improve their existing skills or build new skills. Summer sports programs focus on providing kids with a solid foundation of fundamental skills, teaching kids to play on a team and fine tuning already existing skills, all while instilling a love of the game. 


KidzToPros offers in-person camps for kids ages 4-14 in a safe, sanitized location with instructors and teachers who are background-checked, COVID-tested and committed to making your child’s experience inspirational and engaging. But for those who are not quite ready for their kids to be back in the presence of their peers, online camps for kids ages 4-18 are also available for the summer of 2021


The KidzToPros STEM Summer Camps will nurture your kid’s natural curiosity while also supporting them as they learn the skills they’ll need for a tech-driven future. Innovative, project-based and age appropriate camps teach kids how to program robots in Wonder Robotics and LEGO Robotics, design and code video games in Minecraft, Roblox, Java or Unity, create websites and develop 3D models. 


If your kid leans more into the visual or performing arts, the KidzToPros Art Summer Camps encourage imaginative thinking while inspiring kids to deeply consider the world around them. Visual and performing arts camps include Graphic Design, Music Production, Creative Writing, Improv Workshops, Architecture, Anime and Cartooning. Kids will be encouraged to explore their ideas with courage and confidence, express themselves and inspire others.


Kids who want (or need) to move their bodies will love the KidzToPros sports camps which are designed to keep kids active and engaged. Kids are taught the fundamentals of either basketball, tennis, or soccer. Or, they can take the Play It All! Sports Camp if they want to mix it up a bit. Fundamentals include proper technique, skills, strategies and rules of the game. Programs emphasize the importance of mindful play, leadership, teamwork and respect for others. 


A typical day at camp includes a balance of focused work time and the opportunity for kids to safely socialize and engage in unstructured play. Full and half day camps are available, along with pre-care beginning at 8:00 am and post care which runs from the end of the camp day at 3:00 through 6:00 pm. For more information, visit the website or email Or check out KidzToPros on Facebook or Instagram

Plus, Bergen Mama readers will save $100 off on-campus programs by using code BM-100 at checkout. Or, receive $25 off online programs with code BM-25. Offers valid through Sunday, April 18th. 


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