Yes. There are Still Easter Events Happening!

While pretty much everything is canceled these days, Easter is most certainly not. Luckily, the Easter Bunny knows how to practice safe social distancing during the pandemic. Stay close to home with your family and show your kids an eggciting Easter with these around-town Easter Bunny visits and virtual events.
Plus, not to miss: your town may also be participating in a front-door Easter egg hunt. To be a part of the holiday hunt, create a large colorful egg and place it on your front door or window. Then, drive or walk around your neighborhood safely, and see how many eggs you can spot for your imaginary basket. It’s eggs-actly what we need to enjoy the holiday this year.
Bergen County Easter Bunny Visits:
Why: Two bunnies cover the East and West sides of town with a big Bunny wave.
When: Friday April 10, beginning at 10 am
Why: Decorate your home with a blue heart to honor those on the front lines as the ERFD drives the Easter Bunny through the streets of East Rutherford.
When: Saturday April 11, beginning at 1 pm
Why: Dumont Volunteer Fire Department follows the Santa routes with the Easter Bunny in tow.
When: Saturday April 11, beginning at 12 pm
Why: Watch and wave to the Bunny as it makes its way around town, and listen for the horn honk.
When: Saturday April 11, beginning at 9 am
Why: Greet the bunny from your front door as it makes its way around the town.
When: Saturday April 11, beginning at 9:30 am
Virtual Easter Events:
Why: “Meet” baby chicks, newborn calves and tiny lambs, and get a taste of life on a dairy farm.
When: Friday April 10 and Saturday April 11, 10 am
Where: Billings Farm & Museum Facebook and Instagram pages
Why: Join the Easter Bunny for funny bunny games.
When: Friday April 10, 4 pm
Where: Momentum Christian Church Facebook page
Why: Music, storytime, a visit from the bunny and fun virtual Easter Egg search.
When: Saturday April 11, 10-11 am
Where: Grace United Methodist Church Facebook page
Why: Help kids find the hidden eggs and leave a comment in the livestream when you spot one.
When: Saturday April 11, 3-3:30 pm
Where: Central Presbyterian Church of Montclair Facebook page
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