Why Frenchies Nail Salon in Tices Corner Could Be Our New Go-To for Manicures

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When did getting our nails done morph from a relaxing treat centered around self-care to yet another chore we need to rush through to check off our to-do list? We’re not totally sure, but one thing we do know is that the new Frenchies at Tice’s Corner in Woodcliff Lake is bringing the act of getting a mani-pedi back to a spa-like experience. Our health and wellness editor Helaine Kay and her daughter hit the new nail salon recently and reported back on their lovely, lavish experience.


From the serene waiting area where guests are offered a variety of beverages along with a cold neck pillow (that feels especially amazing during these sticky summer days) to the luxe restrooms, every nook and cranny of the modern salon was sleek and stylish with a chill, zen-like vibe. The bright and airy space also features hard-wood floors, a pillow-lined wall of sofa-like bench seating for pedicures and a polish station that’s color coordinated. (A refreshing change from the disorganized mess we’re used to!)


And then there’s the clean factor. We’ve all been to nail places that look like they’re in need of a good scrub-down (or much more in some icky cases), but Frenchies was truly eat-off-the-floor clean. (Their tagline is “We love clean,” so yeah, makes sense.) Every basin, work station, and surface was shiny and spotless and, since the place doesn’t use acrylics or harsh chemicals, the interior smells pleasant rather than reminiscent of the inside of a hospital.


Speaking of scents, guests get to make a trip to the aroma station to pick out which cream and scrub they’d like. (After much deliberation, Helaine went with pomegranate while her daughter chose oatmeal and honey.) The nail technicians here are knowledgeable and friendly and always utilize single-use tools so as not to spread germs or infection. You’ll also notice the pedicure bowls are jet-less, since jets are nearly impossible to properly clean allowing for bacteria to easily be spread (even with the plastic covers that so many salons use). Instead, Frenchies’ design allows your feet to be soaked in a beautiful basin that can be properly sanitized after each use. And those products that are free of toxic chemicals delivered a pretty and perfect end result. Nailed it!


457 Chestnut Ridge Road, Woodcliff Lake 
(201) 497-1111
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