Whole Foods Markets in Bergen County, New Ways to Save Big


Today’s Wednesday, but there’s more to celebrate than it just being hump day—especially if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber. Starting today, all Prime members located in the Tri-State area will receive 10% off hundreds of sale items and deep discounts on select products at Whole Foods Market.

That’s right, shopping organic just got sweeter! Starting Wednesday, Prime members can enjoy exclusive savings on select popular products, including top-quality produce,meat and seafood, bulk items like nuts and granola (all 25% off), family fridge staples like Organic Honest Lemonade and Mochi ice cream in a rainbow of flavors, and a whole lot more. We tested it out on our daily WFM run and saved a whopping $10 - enough for that mid-afternoon latte pick-me-up.


Best of all, there are no annoying coupons to clip or mailers you need to make sure you received. Simply download the Whole Foods Market app, sign in with your Amazon account and then scan the app’s Prime Code at checkout. Or, opt in to using your mobile phone number at the register (check out amazon.com/primesavings for all the details). Don’t have time to go grocery shopping? Let Prime Now do it for you and have it delivered in two hours or less!


If this hump day news doesn’t get you sprung, we don’t know what will.

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