Welcome to Bergen Mama


Hey Mamas!  We thought this was the perfect time to introduce ourselves… new school year, new ventures and new beginnings.

So let’s just start by saying hello and welcome.

Welcome to Bergenmama.com

We here at Bergenmama are ready to be your number one source for all things cool and hip in Bergen.  Being that we are literally a stone’s throw from NYC, why shouldn’t we be just a little edgier here in Bergen?


We will be reporting to you on kids stuff, home and entertaining, new restaurants and shops, sales!, and of course, the all important, “mama-time”.  Check us out on a weekly basis for the latest and greatest here in Bergen.  By signing up, you will be the first to get the scoop.  If you like what you see, forward to friends.  Most of all, we hope enjoy what Bergenmama reports, and we look forward to delivering it!

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