Spread the Love (dedicated)

For most of us, spreading joy and happiness, “allegria” if you speak Italian, is a #lifegoal. For Venchi chocolates in Garden State Plaza, it’s also their mission and vision, especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day. This year, Venchi debuts their 2024 Valentine’s collection, “Love in Every Bite” as a tribute to the love and allegria expressed in sharing a box of chocolate, and to the passion and dedication that have gone into crafting each delightful chocolate in the collection. 

Whether you’re giving or receiving, Venchi’s Valentine’s Day collection of artisanal chocolates will definitely spread the love, with their traditional attention to detail that includes elegant and romantic boxes in shades of pink and red that will set the mood for the assortment of delicious treats inside. 

Choose from large or small heart tins filled with assorted milk and dark chocolates, a Valentine’s mini book that opens to reveal BaciodiDama and Gold Caramel Cremino treats, or an exquisite pink hatbox keepsake filled with bon bons in some of Venchi’s most beloved, trademark flavors. Or, if for you Valentine’s Day means sharing rather than hiding your yummies in the laundry room where you know no one will find them, then the Valentine Gift Box, with milk and dark BaciodiDama pralines and Cannolo chocolates is the one for you. 

But, you don’t have to wait to indulge in decadent chocolates. Consider it self-care. Venchi Italian Chocolate creates everyday unforgettable moments of sharing and celebration. Venchi’s history dates from 1878 when a 20-year old from Turin, Silviano Venchi, who loved chocolate, spent his life savings on two bronze cauldrons to experiment with chocolate. Today, Venchi chocolatiers continue the tradition crafting high-quality chocolates that honor the culinary heritage of various regions of Italy. Give yourself the gift of an imaginatively named chocolate including: Chocoviar, Gianduiotti, or a Cremini bar. For a different take on a sweet treat, enjoy a cup of Venchi’s famous authentic Italian Gelato.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and the Venchi Valentine’s Day collection is now available at their Garden State Plaza location, as well as online. So, start thinking of all those people you love in your life (starting with the most important person – YOU) and head to Venchi for your daily dose of allegria. Happy Heart Day!

Venchi @ Garden State Plaza
Paramus, NJ

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