The World’s Biggest Bounce House Is Coming to the Bergen County Area!

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Okay, we know you’ve been to far, far too many bounce house birthday parties since your first kid was born. And we know you can’t get that time back in your life. But if you’re honest, you also sort of wish you could have been out there bouncing too. Who knows? Maybe you’d even admit to sending your kid off for pizza and cupcakes and then racing your bestie down the inflatable slide a time or two. Well, step out of the shadows, my inflatables loving friend. Because this summer the Biggest Bounce House Ever is coming to the Bergen County area


The Big Bounce America Tour features The Bouncer, a 10,000 square foot bounce housewith themed zones and slides, ball pits, inflatable animals, basketball hoops, and obstacle runs. Smack in the middle of it all, a DJ spins tunes and to really get the party pumping, there are beach balls, confetti blasts and party games. 


Sessions in The Bouncer last an hour and are divided into age groups. So you can be assured that your littlest bouncers won’t get trampled by the overzealous teens playing a spirited game of dodge ball. Age groups are: Toddlers (ages 3 and under with caregivers), Junior (ages 7 and under with caregivers), Bigger Kids (ages 15 and under) and adults (16 and above). Parents who don’t need to (or don’t want to) accompany their kids will find ample seating outside the bouncer to wait for their kids to tire themselves out. 


Worried about the um, cleanliness of the joint? So are they. There is a 15-minute cleaning of The Bouncer after each timed session and a more complete cleaning each night after closing.


Okay, great. So you bounce for an hour but what do you do after that? Purchase and all-access ticket for admission to Bounce Village. There, you’ll find food vendors, a Monster Ball Pit and the challenging Ninja Run. We may or may not know some dads who are locked in an ongoing battle for dominance in the Ninja Runs. But that’s a different story!


The Big Bounce America will be in New Windsor, New York at Cousins Paintball the weekend of June 15 – 17 and on Long Island at Long Island Sports Center the weekends of June 22-24 and again by popular demand from June 27 – July 1.Tickets are limited and these dates will sell out. Buy tickets online and then pat yourself on the back. Summer fun? Done!

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