Summer Camp on The Lake: Day Camp In The Park (dedicated)

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Pssst! Don't tell your kids this, but Day Camp In The Park is staffed by certified school teachers. That means that while your kids think that they're swimming, crafting, singing and playing sports, you'll know that they're also well supervised and that maybe, just maybe, some nuggets of knowledge will be sneaked into their summer. It's sorta like cauliflower pizza crust, only outside on a lake. You should also know that DCITP has had the same director since 1979 and their staff retention rate is over 90%. Which means that the counselor your kid loved last year is very likely to be back at the camp this year. 

Day Camp In The Park offers over 100 activities that will make every one of your children happy. Your kids can fill their days with everything they would want to do – kayaking, music, climbing, dodgeball, dance, skateboarding, even jewelry making, play production, talent shows, and, yes, learning about frogs, snakes, and turtles. The camp is located on the refurbished site of a former sleepaway camp and has been in operation for over 40 years. It offers 50 boats for kids to explore the four miles of lakefront shoreline. 

Located on a 500-acre nature preserve on Lake Tiorati, they offer door-to-door transportation from almost anywhere in Bergen County and programs for kids between the ages of 4 and 15. Each group of 15 kids is led by one certified teacher and four counselors and starts every day with a swim lesson in their in-ground, heated pool. On the hottest days, kids get even more access to the pools and the Waterpark. On rainy days, indoor cabins ensure your kids have fun rain or shine!


If your kid wants the sleepaway camp experience without the sleepaway part, they're going to love DCITP. They'll get all the amenities and programming of a premium day camp and still get to sleep in their own bed each night. What's better than that?

Day Camp In The Park
6 Kendall Dr. New City NY
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