Learn to Love Both Kale and Cupcakes at the L’ifestyle Lounge in Closter NJ

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Why is it that a conversation about health and wellness can quickly shift to a conversation about losing weight, which inevitably devolves into talk about some new trendy eating plan we’ve just got to try ... yet again. (Say the word paleo to us one more time. We dare you.)


So what if we shifted our focus to an overall lifestyle approach to good health instead of becoming all-consumed with weight-loss and unhealthy diets? Acclaimed registered dietitian and best-selling author Laura Cipullo of the L’ifestyle Lounge in Closter is helping her clients do just that. A Bergen Mama herself, she’s got 20 years of experience not just in nutritional counseling but also diabetes education, family wellness, and the prevention and treatment of eating disorders. Cipullo already has an established New York-based practice and created the Lounge here in Bergen County to provide the local community with a self-care studio for all body types and ages to help guide clients on how to live, eat and move more mindfully.


The Lifestyle Lounge team’s comprehensive approach blends nutritional counseling with yoga and mindfulness classes. The classes (many of which are taught by Cipullo, a registered yoga instructor, herself) are open to all ages and can help kids build self-awareness, self-esteem, and compassion. Children’s classes are offered as semester-long programs while adults can attend drop-in classes.


And if you do want to talk nutrition, Cipullo is available for customizable private sessions with the goal of kicking food anxiety and respecting your body’s needs through mindful eating. After all, sometimes you want something healthy and sometimes you need that sweet treat you’ve been craving. Luckily, Cipullo’s motto is eat kale and cupcakes. And we approve!


L’ifestyle Lounge, 308 Harrington Ave., Closter, 917.572.7137

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