Our Botox Newbie Tries Botox for the First Time

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They say you always remember your first time, and for one Bergen Mama reader, she’ll at least get to remember it every time she looks in the mirror this summer. We’re talking about Botox, of course! We sent Amy, a Botox virgin and the winner of our Botox Newbie Award, over to the luxe med spa Esthetica MD where she got her first treatment done by Dr. Rabkin.


While Amy was both excited and nervous, she soon realized the whole thing was easy, breezy, and painless and she gets to look forward to smoother wrinkle-free skin ... at least for the next few months. But as we Botox vets know, she’ll probably be back for more. Check out the video to see how our winner’s first session went. She’s not a newbie anymore!

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