Massage Envy Spa’s Treat for Moms: The Top Reasons Moms Need A Break

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Think you’re stressed out? We guarantee the finalists in our “Mama Needs a Massage” contest will have you counting your blessings. Vote for your favorite mom-in-need on our Facebook page by clicking here and help her score some much-needed relief. Three lucky ladies will win a 1-hour massage from our friends at Massage Envy Spa, in Closter. Think warm tables, expert hands and one full hour of Aah, yeah!

Jennifer M.
I was laid off from my full time job in December and have had a really hard time finding a new one which fits with my children’s schedules. My kids are 11 and 9 and are very active with sports, not to mention homework, dinner and showers! The stress of finding a job while still being a mom/wife is accumulating in my neck and shoulder areas. The very idea of a massage sounds like a dream come true!

Barrie F.
Working 3 jobs to make ends meet I don’t seem to have too much time left for me. With family demands and community commitments I am grateful to have the energy to meet the needs of each day. Although I do not seem to have enough time in my week, I would love an opportunity to recharge and spend some “spa time” to give me a fresh new outlook on the day. Whether I win this giveaway or some other deserving soul gleans the prize I am glad to have had the chance to enter.

Ovidija P.
As a working mom of three little kids, I usually forget to take care of myself. Getting a massage would mean the world to me - rejuvenation, better and more relaxed wife and mom. There is nothing like an hour of laying on the table and just being pampered. Sometimes it can even bring tears when you realize how long it’s been since you did something for yourself…

Hazel P.
Hello. I am a full time worker as a nurse who is on my feet all day. I am also a happy mother of three who would just like to have an hour to myself.

Bernie L.
My wife is currently pregnant with our 3rd child. She is constantly complaining of nausea and back issues. I think a massage would be a great treat for her.

Joanne D.
As a working mom, I seem like I always put myself last. Playing chauffeur, running errands before and after work, making sure everything is good to go for my family. This past 6 months have been stressful because I’ve had to help close family members outside my home deal with some pretty difficult situations. It would be nice to just relax and be pampered for 1 hour. I know it’s only 1 hour but just to close my eyes and relax would be amazing.

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