Mask Beauty 101: These Bergen County Beauty Experts Have it Mastered

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We never expected to be writing a story about how to style your hair or shape your brows to complement your wearing a mask over half your face when you’re out in public, but we never expected a lot of things about 2020, so here we are. By now you likely have a slew of masks – the basic blue surgical looking ones you can toss after a few uses, some fun fabric ones you ordered from Etsy, and maybe even a face shield for an outing you’re a little iffy on. The point is, face masks are here to stay, so you might as well look good in them. We talked to some of Bergen County's beauty experts- top stylists, colorists, and brow and lash experts to get their tips on how to choose a flattering look – and a flattering mask -- to get you through the new normal. 


Christopher Morris, hairstylist/stylist, Kink Salon, Englewood 

 “I have been seeing a lot of my clients making some pretty serious changes to their length.  Four-to-eight inches of length or more has been coming off pretty routinely. It's been fun but equally to me, impressive, that so many women are both challenging the conventional definition of beauty and looking for ways to make their days a bit less stressful by removing so much length, thereby reducing the time they need to spend on styling. It’s a look that's been playing well on women of all ages lately. With the mask covering so much of the bottom of the face, I have been favoring the longer front/Boho-chic, as bangs can wind up concealing way too much face.  Longer layers through the interior of the haircut are the current flavor, but nothing too short or shaggy as that's just too much darn work!” 


Matthew Navarez, master stylist/balayage specialist, HARU Salon + Spa, Ho-Ho-Kus

“Trying to coordinate your mask and your outfit these days is challenging enough, but wearing the wrong colors for your skin tone and eye color can really offset your appearance. When choosing a mask, people with a more olive skin tone will do better with warmer tones like amber, orange, or honey gold, while people with a more blue-ish undertone will want to shoot for cool tones like royal blue, lavender, and amethyst. The same applies for your hair color. If you are pale with bluer undertones, going for a cool-toned blonde (or a pale blonde, as we hairstylists call it) will be the most striking. Olive skin? No problem! Bring some warmth to your blonde by adding a more honey tone to it. All variations of lightness to darkness are welcome!”


Traci Vogel, studio coordinator, Supreen Lash and Wax Studio, Closter  

“Now more than ever, the eyes are super important. We've got your fall beauty game right here. Our clients have been asking for perfectly sculpted and fluffy brows, tons of Lash Lifts and brow tinting as well. And of course, a set of bomb lash extensions are the best way to really make the eyes pop while you’re wearing your mask.”


Maddi Barbarini, balayage specialist, Kink Salon, Englewood

“I have quite a lot of black masks, whether they’re solid, or have stars, scattered rhinestones, or a little peace sign on them. Black is my go-to! I feel like black will complement everyone no matter your complexion or hair color since black goes with everything and anything. It’s sleek-looking, it’s chic, it’s easy to wear and rock, and let’s be real, black will never go out of style! I’ve recently been wearing my hair out of my face a lot. I haven’t been fussing with my hair down when I have to wear a mask for a long period of time. I love the classic side part with a low bun. And I also love to be funky with some half up-half down space buns.”


Michelle Bernard, owner and microblading lead, Casa De Piel Microblading Studio, Tenafly

“It’s no surprise that brows are the new black. This seems ever-so-evident with the fact that we’re in masks for most of the day and really all you see is our eyes. Clients seek me out because I deliver natural-looking brows with hyper-realistic hair-like microbladed strokes, creating details within the brow hair with soft powdery shading. I feel the beauty trend is heading that way – very natural. Full but natural-looking brows is my most requested brow style.”


Kate Hunziker, Eric Alt North and Alt House of Blonde, Saddle River 

"I would say definitely face framing highlights are best because they will brighten your face and eye color. Also when wearing a mask, a cute high bun or a textured low pony looks the best and feels the best!"

Dr Jordan Farkas, Farkas Plastic Surgery, Englewood Cliffs/Pompton Plains

"After the summer glow begins to fade, it's time to address the sun damage left behind.  Between that and being in quarantine for months, our clients were eager to prioritize their skin.  Halo, an advanced Hybrid Fractional Laser, is a very popular procedure with our clients that is quick (hour and a half tops) and highly effective in targeting wrinkles, discoloration, sun damage, uneven skin tone and enlarged pores.  In many cases we are even addressing skin damage that is not yet noticeable.  With minimal downtime, that youthful and healthy glow our patients hope for is back."

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John Santos, hairstylist, Kink Salon, Englewood

“Since the beginning of quarantine, a lot of people stopped using heat to style their hair, so I think keeping things a bit more natural these days is key! I suggest shapes that compliment the person and make life a bit easier. There is so much people have to take into account -- spending lots of time on their hair isn’t practical. Therefore, I would not suggest bangs because of the upkeep and also with having to wear a mask all the time now, I feel that all we are seeing are people’s eyes. If there is a bang in place then it will minimize someone’s eyes and not work, essentially. We need easy breezy beautiful hair that doesn’t take a ton of time. For anyone with textured hair that is a bit unruly, I would suggest a keratin treatment. It’s a game changer.”


Dr David Abramson, Plastic Surgeon, Englewood 

"There are two areas that people are really focusing on because of COVID. The first is the eyes and forehead because of the masks. That is the area visible so blepharoplasty and Botox have become very popular.  The other area because of Zoom meetings is the neck. Both women and men find a loss of the jawline and a sagging neck to look worse because of the video conferencing. There are some minimally invasive procedures like instalift but also more traditional facelifts have seen and increase. People tend to be able to use the time at home for recovery."

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