Let Simplease Help You Succeed in Your Next Car Deal [dedicated]


Simplease believes your weekends should be spent at the park, watching your kid play their favorite sport, or just relaxing – not anxiously negotiating at a car dealership. Leasing Director Lexie Mirch, a Bergen County resident and mother of two, understands the time limitations of busy parents, offering her services so you don't have have to spend time and energy doing the legwork. To do so, Simplease has assembled a network of over 200 franchise and independent dealers, along with wholesalers, and auction buyers who can access and acquire any make or model of leased or financed vehicles and directly pay off your trades.


What does that mean exactly? It means that Simplease works for you to make sure you get an auto deal that's better than one you can get for yourself. Simplease works for their customers, not the dealers. So when their team of former dealership finance and general managers negotiate, they use their knowledge of the internal processes of the auto industry, along with the same technology dealers use, to get you the best deal possible with access to all factory rebates and incentives available to you. And you don't have to life a finger! 


Then, Simplease will deliver your new car to your home or office free of charge and take your trade or off lease vehicle and handle all the turn over details. You get to do all the fun parts (new car smell anyone?) and know that you got the best deal possible and the most money for your trade in. Simplease will also make a cash offer to purchase your current vehicle if you just want to sell one without purchasing one in return.


Simplease's team of second chance finance managers can also help clients who are in the process of rehabilitating or rebuilding their credit. They have all the knowledge necessary to get your loans approved and you into the new or new-for-you car you need.


Simplease is ready to help you with every step of your car buying journey. For more information or to view their client testimonial videos, follow them @simpleaseauto on Instagram or visit their website. Simplease is committed to giving back to the community as the sponsor of an annual autism awareness even in New York City.

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