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Symptoms: Tween or teen patient currently suffers from excessive boredom, pajama wearing, and sleepiness. Has shown signs of irritability, eye-rolling and general lack of enthusiasm. Repetitive stress injury (“thumb twitching”) induced by excessive texting and electronic gaming. Late nights on iChat also a concern. 

Emergency Rx: Top Camps short stay specialty overnight camps, for basketball, horseback riding, outdoor adventure or cooking. Prescription includes s’mores and campfires, hiking and swimming; character-building experiences. Side effects may include friendships that last a lifetime.

While in years past your options might have been limited to month-long overnight camps without much flexibility, this is no longer the case. Top Camps, in the beautiful Pocono Mountains, just an hour and a half from Bergen, has weeklong options your tweens and teens will love. Who’s that making a mess of your kitchen? Top Cooks Camp gets kids out and about visiting local farms, learning how to cook from scratch, and even has them milking a goat or two. Whoa, Nelly: Giddy those horse-obsessed girls over to Top Ranch Riding Camp for Girls where horseback riding is the main (mane) event. How about future NBA stars – got any of those dribbling in your midst? There’s a camp for that too (Top Basketball Camp). And for the all-around action and adventure crowd, try Top Adventure Camp, which specializes in rock climbing, repelling and canoeing. All four camps are operated within the Pine Forest Camp program, which has been operating under the same family ownership since 1931 (and also includes the well-known camps Camp Timber Tops and Lake Owego), so you know the camp experience will be fabulous, memorable, and safe.

Lucky for you and your kids, there are still spots available at each of these camps – ranging from 6- to 10-day programs. Online registration is a snap; just select the dates that work best for you. And costs are comparable ($1050 - $1750 depending on the camp), truly a small price to pay when it comes to memories and traditional camp experiences that help build healthy, creative, well-rounded young adults.

It’s the perfect prescription for an unforgettable summer.

Top Overnight Camps
Greeley, Pennsylvania


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