Good Karma


They say if you do something good for someone, it comes back to you.  Well we racked our brain for days thinking of a random act of kindness that delivered us into the Karma Organics Spa in Ridgewood.  Was it the extra money we slipped the babysitter last weekend?  Or perhaps it was that over-the-top gift we sent mother-in-law for her birthday last month (that Chanel bag was excessive, even for us).  Either way, we knew Krishna himself was smiling upon us as we sat down for our manicure/pedicure at the Hindu inspired spa.

  The soft Indian music hummed in the background; the decor was meticulously clean but still comfortable and cute.  Upon arrival, we were greeted by the spa’s owner, Nausil Zaheer, who presented us with the pedicure menu.  At that point, we knew this was not your ordinary nail salon.  After much contemplation, we selected the “Karma Lavender Pedicure” (who could turn down a little extra relaxation) and we were whisked into a shabby chic chair set above a colored glass basin.  The aestheticians who work there, most of whom have been there since the spa’s opening in 2007, use new pedicure instruments for each client and were efficient and gentle. 

While we were, um, “relaxing”, we found out a few things about the spa.  First, all the polishes are chemical free and non-toxic and custom made in-house.  That’s Zaheer’s other business; selling his polishes to Bendels and other chic NYC venues.  His custom polish remover was even featured in “O Magazine”.  And by the way, nothing is sacrificed in terms of color options.  The salon carries a range of colors from matte grays to plums and one called “crushed velvet” which we were dying to try.  The spa is also super kid-friendly.  They offer a special manicure for children called “Karma Little Princess” for the little ones in tow and host kids’ birthday parties where a face painter is often on hand for a little extra touch. 

After about an hour, we floated out of the spa feeling divine.  Then, about 10 days later, we noticed that our perfect mani/pedi still hadn’t chipped or worn.

Now that’s what we call good karma.

Karma Organic Spa
32 Wilsey Square, Ridgewood

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