Free Broadway Show Tickets? Yes Please.

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We count ourselves lucky that we live just a stone’s throw from some of the greatest theater on Earth. The downside? A visit to Broadway with the whole family can be pricey. That’s why we make sure to take advantage of the annual Kids’ Night on Broadway every year- the one night a year when you can snag FREE Broadway show tickets. 

It might sound to good to be true but it isn’t: For one night only, anyone 18 or under can see a participating show for free when accompanied by a full-paying adult. This year the magic evening is February 28th and you can grab tickets to a show via the Kids’ Night on Broadway website, by phone or a particular show’s box office. Bonus: the tickets will come with special family discounts at restaurants in and around Times Square and parking deals to help lessen the they-want-how-much-for-three-hours blow.  They haven't announced the exact on-sale date yet, but it's happening in "early December" and if you sign up on their website for their e-mail list you can be one of the first to know when they will go on sale.

So whether you plan to do a special one-on-one evening with your oldest or want to wrangle the grandparents and in-laws to take your whole brood, there’s definitely going to be drama on February 28th ... but it’ll be the good old-fashioned theater kind.

For more information, check out Kids’ Night On Broadway

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