Disney’s Frozen The Musical on Broadway Tickets Are Now on Sale (get them while you can!)

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Just when you thought you’d finally gotten “Let It Go” out of your head ... Frozen is back. And this time, it’s on Broadway in Disney's Frozen the Musical.

OK, so the curtain won’t actually go up  at NYC’s St. James Theater for another six months, but you can get your tickets right now. Early performances of the sure-to-be smash hit kick off on February 22 and while February and March have limited availability, April through August (yes, we’re talking about a full year from now) are wide open. So snag ‘em now and mark your calendar for what’ll surely be your kiddos’ highlight of next summer – being this close to Elsa. All they’ve gotta’ do is get through one little school year. Talk about motivation!


Visit FrozenTheMusical.com or call the Disney Broadway Hotline at 866-870-2717 to buy tickets. 


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