Cozying Your Home for the Winter


Not only is home the safest place to be at the moment, but the colder temperatures likely have you longing to be perma-cozy, under blankets, sipping hot chocolate, by the fire…you get the point. Winterizing a home goes beyond pipes and heat checks. Adding winter décor – both in budget-friendly and larger scale ways – creates a level of comfort and warmth to various living spaces in your home. Put on your fuzzy slippers and get ready to redecorate.


Simple Touches

There are plenty of non-committal ways to make your home look and feel cozier, without the big price tag. "An easy and inexpensive accent to make your home feel winter-ready, is with a chunky knit throw," says Kristen Sawyer of Sawyer Interiors. "It's a great way to bring in color and texture to a solid piece of upholstery." Swap out throw pillows and blankets on couches, chairs and beds for wintry styles in fabrics such as chenille knit, sweater texture and faux fur. Or, place a fuzzy rug in light colors on top of wood floors or carpet for a snuggly touch. New bedding can also be swapped out for the winter months. "Your bedroom should be a sanctuary to retreat to at the end of a long day, so it's always worth picking up some pieces to make it nice and cozy," says Christie Adams of Christie Adams Design.


Fresh plants and flowers can also add a homey feel. Look for a wintry post-holiday wreath to display outside or in, such as Piece and Pollen’s Chelsea Wreath with plumosus, silver dollar eucalyptus and bear grass. Plus, house plants are shown to boost your mood and reduce stress, something most people could use in their life now.


Which Hue is For You

Switching up the color palette for a cozy feel can be achieved in big and small ways. Swap a piece of artwork or wall décor, or consider accent pieces. "Warm whites, earthy browns and deep greys are all great colors for winter," says Adams. If you’re feeling particularly bold and in need of a more major refresh, add an accent wall or full paint job to your main living space. "Everyone is doing the natural wood look with light color on the walls," says Christine Sisakovic, Benjamin Moore color specialist and owner of Posh Painting. "OC colors (off white colors) by Ben Moore, such as Winter White and Snowfall White are the lightest in the collection and beautiful options to give you that cozy and Nordic style." To add a natural wood look without redoing your floors, try natural wood wall shelves or fireplace mantels, which provide a nice contrast with light walls. "The Scandinavian look is also really popular." Think: minimalism versus clutter, the latter which can make a house create stress and anxiety.


Light It Up

Making use of a fireplace is an easy way to stay warm and create ambience. No working fireplace? Try an artistic fireplace candleholder, which can also be placed in a safe, carved out space. Display candles in various shapes and sizes, such as the cut glass candles from Lily and Kate or sandalwood candles from Market House. Look for relaxing scents such as vanilla and chamomile/lavender. "Candles on the mantle, vases with greenery on the kitchen countertops and textiles in the living room all help make a house a warm home," says Adams.


Adding soft lighting will also change up the mood in your home for the season. Instead of bright overheads and LED bulbs, opt for lamps to add soft lighting in earthy looks, such as the Balanced Rock Lamp from Pazzazed


Take It Slow

When choosing any new home décor, focus on one space at a time. "Start with the rooms you use most often. I typically begin with the family room, as this is the most used space in the home," says Sawyer. "If you focus on one space at a time and finish it down to the last detail, you will feel a greater sense of satisfaction rather than working on a bunch of different things in various rooms." 

For local spots to check out, "Wostbrock on Goffle Road always has such beautiful items and I love stopping into Home in Hawthorne as well," says Adams. By giving your home a winter refresh, you may never want to leave, which these days, isn’t such a bad thing.

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