Kaplen JCC on the Palisades is Fun Year Round with Camp365

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This just in, the fun of camp doesn't have to end when summer does! Kaplen JCC on the Palisades has taken your children's favorite pastimes and created Camp365 Programs brought to you by Neil Klatskin Summer Camps for the fall. With these fun and innovative enrichments, you can keep the joy and excitement of the warmer months alive throughout the year. There's something for everyone, to make the transition from summer camp to the new season a breeze: 

GameMakers: Take your child from a passive user to an active creator of interactive, animated stories and video games.  Using the age-appropriate Scratch, Jr. coding language, they'll explore the essential elements of story and game design.  This hands-on class will spark their curiosity and enhance their problem-solving skills while having a blast in the world of coding. 

Arts & Crafts: Unleash your child's artistic potential in our interactive kids crafts class! Here, imagination knows no bounds as creativity takes center stage. Led by experienced instructors, children will explore a variety of materials and techniques, creating personalized crafts that foster self-expression and pride in their artistic achievements. 

Cooking: Let your little culinary artists embark on a delicious adventure in our kids' cooking class! Our experienced instructors will guide them through essential cooking techniques while they unleash their creativity in the kitchen. From preparing yummy meals to mastering culinary skills, your child will have a blast discovering the joys of cooking. 

Quidditch: Calling all Harry Potter fans! New for this year, experience the magic of quidditch. A sport inspired by the enchanting world of Hogwarts. With teams of seven athletes running with brooms, it combines the exhilarating elements of basketball, dodgeball, and tag. Join our class to learn the fundamentals, teamwork, throwing, catching, and communication skills needed to conquer the pitch. 

Ceramics: Ignite your child's creativity in our engaging ceramics class! Here, they'll have the opportunity to mold, shape, and decorate their own unique ceramic masterpieces. Our skilled instructors will lead them through hand-building techniques, allowing their imagination to soar as they work with clay and create beautiful pottery.

Get ready to create unforgetable memories and enjoy camp, 365 days a year! Your child can be a part of our year-round summer extravaganza with Camp365 Programs brought to you by Neil Klatskin Summer Camps.

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