Bergen’s Largest Teen Camp Expo is Back (Dedicated Email)

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With hundreds of sleep away camps due west, dozens of travel abroad programs in the farthest points around the globe – and community service camps, fine arts camps, special needs camps and college internships in all points in between – there’s so much to navigate, it’s hard to know which way to steer your teen’s potential.

Lucky for you, the upcoming Summer Program Expo on Wednesday, January 15th at Northern Valley Demarest High School, run by The Camp Experts is your first destination. With literally 950 summer camps and programs worldwide to choose from, Camp expert Debbie Rosen Alfonso of The Camp Experts is like your very own co-pilot, guiding you on the best choice that reflects your child’s interests, needs, and abilities. Every year, Debbie and her team visit hundreds of camps and programs while they are in session. They know all of the directors, can set up tours for you, and will find you the right match that will provide the most rewarding experience, college prep experience, plus a lifetime of memories. Best of all, the service is completely free!

The upcoming Summer Program Expo, geared for students in 6th-12th grade, is where the action begins. You’ll meet with owners and directors from various programs, pick up info-rich DVDs and brochures, and sit down with Camp Experts staff who will show you the way.

Next thing you know, your teen’s future will be all mapped out for you.

The Camp Experts Summer Program Expo
Northern Valley Demarest High School
150 Knickerbocker Road
Wednesday, January 15, 2013
7:00PM - 9:00PM
Phone (Debbie): 201-391-6165
Phone (Debbie): 845-357-3880

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