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In your fantasy world, you enjoy the latest treatments brought over from Europe, exiting spas and top docs offices, wrapped in a scarf and shades a la Jennifer Aniston- only to unveil perfect skin and toned gams later that eve. 

Then you wake up.

You don’t have to live in LA to be privy to those said cutting edge beauty treatments that shave years off your looks (and inches off your thighs).  We’ve got a few splurge-worthy spots and services that will make you look and feel like a star this season.

Your beauty dream team awaits you at the sleek, modern digs of brand new Esthetica MD where cutting edge treatments like LED light therapy, O2 peels, Radiofrequency currents and the much-buzzed-about “Vampire Facial” (it works, they swear) are prescribed after a quick visit to their facial analysis machine and dutifully administered by a top team of aestheticians.  More invasive procedures like fillers and injectables are performed after a solid consultation with Dr. D. Rabkin, and use the latest gadgets (micro-needles for Botox, high tech machines for fillers).  Free touch ups are also included.  Before exiting through their “back door”, clients can have their eyebrows shaped by expert brow-tamer Christy Karach, and makeup done by local fave Karlene, making this the perfect one-stop-shop for busy (pretty) mamas.  (Esthetica MD, 12 East Palisade Ave, Englewood, 201-816-8106, by appt only)

Cottage cheese thighs and that bulge around your middle have had you avoiding poolsides ever since you pushed out your third.  Tighten and tone easily with plastic surgeon Dr. David Abramson, who is performing “gentle” procedures to help eliminate cellulite and reduce fat in those problem areas.  Visit him at his Englewood office for Cellulaze, a minimally invasive procedure which has been touted as the “only real thing that can help reduce the appearance of cellulite” or Coolsculpting, a procedure which freezes off fat in problem areas without interrupting your tennis season.  (Dr. David Abramson, 363 Grand Ave, Englewood, 201-399-4615, by appt only)

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