Antique Roadshow Comes to Bergen?


You’ll admit your obsession with watching “Hoarders: Buried Alive” has gotten a little out of control. But clutter in your crib? Not a fan.  So before you trip over another old bike in the garage or have to push aside the tarnished antique silver bequeathed to you by your late great Aunt, just to set the table, think of bringing in Estate Sale Specialists Ilana Stimmel and Michele Holzer, two Bergen Mama’s who founded Cash In Your Closets, to clear it up.

After carefully cataloging the items you want to unload, “Cash In Your Closets” will find the best resting spots for your unwanted items, while ensuring you get the most cash in your pocket.  They’ve been known to travel to 47th Street with a bag full of silver and watch while it’s melted down, or have unique collections (like granny’s old Christmas Gnomes or Dad’s vintage mustache clippers) evaluated by experts to determine their value and the best method of removal. 

Have a large amount of items you want to get rid of quickly?  Are you moving, renovating or just spring cleaning?  That’s a breeze.  These two resourceful Mama’s will get permits for, set up, advertise and run your entire sale from start to finish- without you even lifting a finger.

Finally, this little hoarder has some order.

Cash In Your Closets
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