AMNH’s New T. rex Mega Exhibit for the Ultimate Predator is a Must See

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Yes, we just dealt with yet another snowfall, but the warm temps will be here before you know it, we promise. Still, if we’ve learned anything about spring in the Northeast, it’s that we’re not out of the cold-weather woods until March is far behind us. That means we’ll most likely still be in need of some entertaining indoor activities for weeks to come. Thankfully, there’s a cool new dino exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History that’s here to save the day. Opening to the public on March 11, T. rex: The Ultimate Predator, will feature life-size models, fossils and casts, interactive activities, and an immersive multiplayer virtual reality experience developed just for the exhibition, meant to show the public a different side of the fabled dinosaur.


The exhibit will share the fascinating story of how the 12,000-plus-pound killing machine actually began as a cute little critter (seriously, wait till you see the adorable little baby dinos!). It’s an evolution that spans 100 million years and touches on dinosaur species found around the world, including the museum’s famous resident Tyrannosaurus rex. The museum has knocked it out of the paleo park with this one so use it as an excuse to bring the brood into the city before your weekends are filled with beach days and barbecues ... they’re coming, we swear!


T. rex: The Ultimate Predator,
March 11, 2019 to August 9, 2020
American Museum of Natural History
Central Park West at 79th Street, New York, New York
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