A Top NJ Doctor Shares the Newest Way to Tighten Skin and Lose Inches (dedicated)

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If you’re reading this, you should be proud. You actually found five minutes to do something for yourself today, which isn’t always easy. And speaking of feats, while we’d love to spend several hours at the gym every day getting toned and taut with a trainer during two-a-days, that’s not always easy either. So sometimes we need a little outside assistance where we can get it. The newest non-cape-wearing hero to the rescue is David L. Abramson, MD, a certified member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery who practices plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgery out of his Englewood and NYC offices. In addition to focusing on facial and breast surgeries, Dr. Abramson is an expert in the world of body contouring and is one of the few doctors to offer the newest technology released by Cryoskin, a maker of non-invasive, pain-free technology that cools skin in order to reduce fat, shave off inches, and improve skin’s appearance. It’s similar to Coolsculpt in that it implements Cryolipolysis, the process of removing fat cells by freezing them, but it also stimulates collagen and offers more versatility, better results, and a shortened treatment time. The device is stellar for removing actual inches of stubborn fat (even in one session!), evening out cellulite dimples, and smoothing the skin. Bonus: You can even do a few areas at once. (Think removing stubborn belly fat while smoothing out your upper arms.)


Always on the lookout for the latest lunch hour beauty treatment, we decided to give the most current version of the device, Cryoskin 4.0, a test run at the one of Dr. Abramson’s Englewood offices. We decided to try it on the face, which equated to a 20 minute painless non-invasive facelift with none of the downtime. After a short consultation with Dr. Abramson, we removed our makeup, had an assistant apply gel to our face and got going. (Note that if you’d filler recently, you should skip the procedure to avoid risk of the filler dissipating.) The actual treatment involved the technician pressing the cold static heads of the machine on our face one side at a time (which we found surprisingly relaxing!) and just like that, the treatment was over in a flash. The results were almost too good to be true. Our face looked tighter and less tired and  our crow’s feet were officially minimized. Results continue to become more prominent with every treatment, so purchasing a pack (the crew at Dr. Abramson’s recommends five) would be a smart decision. And do we ever make any other kind? 
Interested in trying Cryoskin for face or body? Dr. Abramson is making it super EASY with these special offers: Buy a series of 4 treatments for any body part or face and receive the 5th FREE or Buy 3 packages and receive a package FREE for another area.

Dr David Abramson
363 Grand Ave, Englewood  
(201) 568-6977
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