BrainStorm Testing and Application Advice [dedicated]

Of course the number one thing kids can do to get ready for a test is to study for it. But that isn’t as easy or straightforward as it seems. Learning new academic concepts and skills, or studying for tests or college entrance exams requires not just a mastery of the material but also the habits and techniques that will set the student up for success. BrainStorm Tutoring, which offers private sessions wherever you live in northern NJ (and with a physical location in Franklin Lakes), offers personalized academic coaching, tutoring and admissions consulting with a holistic approach that goes beyond academics in order to achieve unparalleled results for their clients. 

Founded in 2006, BrainStorm approaches their business from the philosophy that building rapport, creating customized success roadmaps, and supporting students is key to helping them achieve superior results in their academic endeavors. BrainStorm coaches help students construct a foundation of strong time management skills and note-taking and study skills. They even share advice regarding holistic wellness practices such as prioritizing sleep, emotional self-management, empowerment, breathwork and tools to help students focus. Parents can be confident that their students are in good hands because every BrainStorm coach has at least one advanced degree, relevant experience, and an engaging personality that helps make sessions both engaging and effective. 

BrainStorm clients enjoy flexible, 7-day-a-week scheduling and the convenience of either private sessions at home or small group sessions at the BrainStorm facility in Franklin Lakes. BrainStorm’s wellness-focused training motivates and equips every learner (ages 5-25) with the experience and confidence to dominate in class, on test day and, most importantly, in life. 

Beginning in January 2023, BrainStorm will offer a BRAND NEW small group tutoring program for students, grades 6-12, in the areas of Math and Science. Additionally, BrainStorm founder, Scott Doty, will be offering a small group SAT/ACT intensive during the first two weekends of January. January 7-8, will focus on the Verbal portion of the exams and January 14-15 will focus on Math. Students can choose to attend one or both weekends. Plus, BrainStorm will be offering their regular weekly SAT/ACT simulations on Saturday mornings. All programs have limited space to ensure quality outcomes. 

Parents and caregivers who are looking to make a difference in their child’s academic and social-emotional well-being with coaching and tutoring that is both enjoyable and effective can call 201.84.STORM or text 201.739.3823 to learn more or register for a BrainStorm program. Your child deserves to feel courageous and confident so they can STORM THE TEST and succeed in school!


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