7 Things You Can’t Miss at the New Museum of the Dog

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You guys! The new Museum of the Dog is opening this week and it looks so cool! Recently relocated from St. Louis, the Museum of the Dog now makes its home in the American Kennel Club building on Park Avenue in New York City. They’ve updated the exhibits, added interactive kiosks and an app and made it super kid-friendly. Best of all, admission will be free on opening weekend, which just happens to coincide with the annual Westminster Dog Show. Coincidence? We think not. Check out these seven things you can’t miss when you visit the Museum of the Dog:


Find Your Match: Step up to the interactive kiosk and say “woof”. The computer will scan your face and then tell you which dog breed you most resemble. You might be a well-known breed like a lab or a golden retriever, but you might also most resemble a more exotic, lesser known breed and be inspired to learn more about a dog you’ve never even heard of. 


Meet the Breeds: Okay, now that you know what kind of dog you look like, you’re going to need to learn a little more about it. Head on over to the Meet the Breeds touchscreen table to explore the features, traits and histories of all your favorite dog breeds.


Molly, the Digital Puppy: Want some practice training a puppy before you actually have to train a puppy? Visit Molly, the interactive puppy to feed her and teach her commands. But just remember – virtual dogs make virtual messes. Real dogs make…you got it, real messes!


For the Kids: Download the Museum of the Dog app and let Arty the Dog guide your kids around the museum in search of artwork and exhibits. Then head up to the top floor where an activity table is set up and stocked with supplies for your kids to create artwork to contribute to the community art wall.


The Art: Spend some time among the amazing collection of sculptures, paintings and photographs by famous (and not so famous) artists. Then check out artifacts like a 2000 year old paw print and an ancient dog fossil. 


The Library: The books in the library include guides to knitting with dog hair and books on dog astrology. Leave time for browsing these and other treasures and one-of-a-kind reads. 


 The Brunch: Check out the Museum of the Dog Facebook page to register for the Opening Day brunch to be held on Sunday, February 10th from 10 am – 1 pm. We know you’ll have a doggone good time!

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