A Whole Museum Dedicated to Chocolate Just Opened in NYC

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A trip to the museum is nice once in a while. It's a chance to learn about history, art, culture, and … chocolate? You read that right. In a rich and melty dream come true, we are officially able to go eat chocolate while telling people we went to a museum and not actually be lying. It's all thanks to master pastry chef Jacques Torres, who, on Thursday, is unveiling something called Choco-Story New York, The Chocolate Museum and Experience With Jacques Torres at his SOHO shop. 

The 5,000-square-foot-space includes plenty of hands-on activities (because a chocolate museum where stuff is just on display would be just plain mean), and some of it really is educational, we swear. You can check out exhibits on the history and evolution of chocolate complete with real artifacts and explanations of how the stuff goes from bean to bar, along with bon-bon-making classes and a kids' area where your up-and-coming chocolatiers get to step into a pint-size chocolate shop complete with toy kitchen and register.


And of course there's the best part: the tastings, when visitors indulge in samples of blend and single-origin chocolates, hand-ground original Mayan hot chocolate, and hand-made chocolate truffles.


It's not the first chocolate museum in the world. Chocolate aficionado Eddy Van Belle partnered with Torres to open this one in NYC after founding four other Choco-Story museums around the globe including in Belgium and in Mexico. And if you're suddenly thinking about jetting off to one of those venues for your next vacay, you're even more chocolate-obsessed than we are …

Choco-Story New York The Chocolate Museum and Experience with Jacques Torres
350 Hudson St. New York, NY

Advance ticket purchase available

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