The Newest Spa Treatment in Bergen County You Didn’t Even Know You Needed

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We pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve when it comes to cutting-edge spa treatments, but an IV drip? That’s a new one, even for us. Although, once we found out about Drip Medi Spa in Fort Lee, which offers customized IV vitamin drips that help with everything from jet lag to detoxing, to improving mood to looking and feeling younger, we just had to experience it for ourselves. We sent our health and fitness editor Helaine over to give it a go and we’re happy to report that the whole experience did not disappoint.

First of all, before you picture yourself in a hospital gown in some cold, clinical room, Helaine describes the space as the coolest, hippest treatment room ever, complete with plush couches, a comfy treatment table, low lighting, and soft music. A licensed physician assistant cleansed Helaine’s arm with alcohol and one prick later she was all hooked up and feeling totally blissed-out. The benefit of the IV versus just popping a handful of vitamins is that it provides 100% absorption into the blood stream (versus the fraction that you get from oral vitamins.) “I felt the effect of the drip within an hour and had an overall sense of energy and clarity,” she reports. “I slept amazing that night and woke up with that feeling that I had just had the best night’s sleep.”


While Helaine opted for a customized drip created just for her to refresh and rejuvenate her after a doozy of a week, you can also choose from IV Drip Spa’s existing offerings like the Vita Blast, infused with a high dose of Vitamin C to boost your immune system or the Mommy & Me, a specially formulated drip to help expectant moms combat exhaustion and nausea.

The spa is pretty much a one-stop shop and also features beauty bar offerings like microblading and teeth whitening; medical aesthetic treatments including platelet-rich plasma facials and chemical peels; and a host of  injectables from Botox to Restalyne.


Word is Drip Medi Spa is also frequented by celebs and pro athletes and Helaine just missed bumping into a few Giants players who’d been in earlier. (Bummer!)

Turns out even beefy guys could use a little pick me up too ...


Drip Medi Spa, 2011 Lemoine Avenue, Suite 201, Fort Lee, 201.944.1343

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