Hard Buns or Whole Grain Buns?

Sometimes, it’s not just the workout. The fuel has to come from somewhere.  But how? And where? Ever wonder what your trainer is eating to make them look so freaking fabulous? Surely they aren’t living off cheeseburgers and fries or Power Bars and Gatorade… or are they?  We need to know.  You need to know. So with the help of fitness correspondent Melissa Silver, we decided to take matters into our own biceps and yank open the refrigerators of some of the top trainers in our area. Take a look.  

Who’s Fridge:  John Wardell, Body Chemistry Fitness
Training Style:  Everything from free weights to machines, plyometrics, sled work and agility drills, but staying injury free is paramount. 
Who he’s trained: Justin Combs, Darrelle Revis from The Jets and other major athletes. 
What he’s eating:  Almond Milk, because lots of people have dairy allergies, which can create bloating and other side effects.   Sugar-free jello for the kids and coconut water for the electrolytes, plus tons of lean proteins like turkey, chicken and fish.
411: Free Consultation, $80 per session, $450 for a package of 11 half sessions, Body Chemistry Fitness, 55 Walnut Street, Norwood, 201-819-0752

Who’s Fridge:  Dave Paladino, Creator of StrikeFit and Owner of Core Performance
Training Style: Changes routines frequently.   Burns up to 1500 calories per session.  Everything from punching bags, to frog jumps (exactly what it sounds like), Prowler machines pushing 135lbs down a 30 yard track as well as some mixed martial arts which he is an expert in. 
Who he’s trained:  The Giants pre-season, James Gandolfini and other Sopranos
What he’s eating:  Egg and Chicken as they are lean protein sources, but he can’t live without pasta!  “I am Sicilian of course”.  Also loves grape jelly on PB&Js; believes in balance and indulging every so often.
411:  Free Consultation, $80 per session, or take his special group class 9am and 6pm Monday through Saturday, Strike Fit/ Core Performance, 91 Ruckman Rd, Closter, 201-784-9559

Who’s Fridge:  Mary Cerami, Mary’s Intense Training (MIT)
Training Style:  Small group classes which allow people to share the cost of a personal trainer, kickboxing moves to kettle bells to boot camp.  Classes run 1 hour and 15 minutes and she will provide nutritional counseling as well.
Who she’s trained:  Moms, Dads and Kids of all ages, and the corporate team at Samsung International where she started her career.
What she’s eating:  Blueberries constantly, they are an excellent source of fiber.  Leafy greens and spinach, and one egg and one egg white every day- the perfect protein source.
411:  As low as $15 per session, MIT, 799 Franklin Avenue, Franklin Lakes, 201-739-0563

Who’s Fridge:  Tamara Wagner Winawer, Flow Pilates
Training Style:  Everything from TRX to Bosu to Pilates
Who she’s trained: Moms who want to transform their bodies as well as teenage boys (don’t get the wrong idea, it’s her sons’ hockey team)
What she’s eating: Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk for protein and shakes.  Granny Smith Apples for crunch and Vitamin C, and Fage 0% Greek Yogurt- great on the go or mixed with fruit. 
411: $75 per hour session, Flow Pilates Centre, 10 Jay Street Suite 6, Tenafly, 201-567-7571




I'm a teacher and will be home this summer w/ my 14 month old. Can you suggest fun classes near Glen Rock to keep us busy? -Jen

Hi Jen,
So exciting to have the summer to hang with your little one. Doing a Mommy & Me Yoga class is something both of you can really enjoy. A good place to check out is the Yoga Studio at Destination Maternity in Paramus. Many public libraries also have everything from story time to baby/toddler classes that are free and so much fun.  You can check out Barnes & Noble and Pottery Barn Kids- they offer story times as well.  The Bergen County Zoo is a great place to spend a couple hours with the stroller (and don’t forget to take a train ride & ride the carousel).  We love music classes like the ones offered at Music for Aardvarks and gym classes at My Gym.  Your baby is on the young side for this, but perhaps later on in the summer you can check out The Big Playhouse in Westwood so he or she can explore around their adorable little kids village.  Of course, keep reading our Weekend Playlist for a list of all the fun things to do in Bergen & surrounding areas each week!

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